Beauty Boomers

Hello Fleeky fam!

The holidays are upon us and we use social media nonstop sharing Christmas, New years and family parties! And we all know, the more the highlight the better the picture! Let’s take a look at some celebrity beauty brands that we can’t help but want!

1. FENTY Beauty (Rihanna)

Riri(Rihanna) came out with Fenty Beauty this year September and since then it has become one of the most sought after products at Sephora! 

2. KKW Beauty (Kim Kardashian West Beauty)

Though the Kardashian had their Kardashian beauty brand through their retail chain Dash Dolls however it wasn’t as popular as they hoped. Kim following Kylie’s foot steps launched her own beauty brand this year and it was an automatic hit! 

3. Kat Von D Beauty (Kat Von D)

Known for her signature palettes Kat’s beauty products are well sought after for its fierce and vibrant colors.

4. Honest Beauty  (Jessica Alba)

Jessica started her Honest brand specializing in baby products but soon ventured into beauty, her brand carries a full range of makeup and hair products. Her brand is extremely popular for focusing on organic and natural products!

Beauty has become one of the fastest growing industries in recent years! With the help of social media people can’t help but want to use the brands that are so popular! Beauty is booming. So what’s your favourite brand?

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Hello Fleeky Fam! 

Today’s blog will be about beauty entrepreneurs who have revolutionized  the beauty and cosmetic industry. If you think back maybe 5-10 years ago the only beauty brands we recognized were the estalised brands like Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, L’oreal etc. There wasn’t many individual brands or if there were they wouldn’t receive as much tractions as they do nowadays.  The reason you ask? SOCIAL MEDIA! Thanks to social media apps like Instagram beauty entrepeneurs can market and advertise their brands without spending thousands. Let’s take a look at some recent successful beauty brands. 

1. Kylie Cosmetics – thanks to social media and eager teens the demand for Kylie Jenner’s lip kits were unruly. The popular lipkits would be soldout minutes after each release. 

2. Farsali – Created by Farah Dukhai the Rose Gold Elixir is religiously used by all beauty bloggers on Instagram, just a couple drops leaves your face shiny and glowing. The brand became so popular that it is now even offered through Sephora!

3. Huda Beauty – Huda Kattan’s beauty brand is one of the top selling brands at Sephora. Huda a popular beauty blogger who started off by creating her own lashes, then lipstick, the palettes and now now a full line of makeup.  

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Thanks to social media endorsement by the Kardashians Anastasia’s brow and glow kits are extremely sought after. 

The one thing we can learn from these beauty brands is that nothing is impossible, if you work hard and hustle you will definitely make it somewhere! 

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Beauty Tips

Hello Fleeky Fam!

For today’s post I thought I share some quick and easy beauty tips that I think goes a long way for my beauty regime. You are welcome to try and give me your feedback! 

1. NEVER go to bed without washing your makeup off! I know we all have one of those days where we just want to screw it and go to bed but I cannot stress enough how bad that is for your skin. 

2. You should ALWAYS have a skin care routine that works best for you. After a lot of trial and error I finally found my routine which is cleaning toning and moisturing in the morning and at night. I used to exfolite and use different types of setting and moisturizing creams but it just didn’t work for me. So my advice would be to find what cleansing cycle works best for you. 

3. DON’T stay up late growing through your phone in the dark (under your sheets) at night. That is one of the main reasons people get dark eye circles. Eye bags are something everyone tries to avoid but when its dark then its even harder to conceal. If you do have to browse at night then keep the lights on!

4. EAT a lot of fruits and berries if you want fresh and healthy skin. Berries are loaded with Vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals. It hydrates the skin and increases collagen and elastin levels. Berries also help your fight signs of aging. 

5. WASH your brushes and blending sponge regularly. It is essential to wash your brushes regulary, I do it once a week!

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17′ Beauty Trends

Hey there! 

Seeing that we are almost at the end of this year I thought why not we look back at some beauty trends that came up this year.

1. Wavy brows-this trend started off as something silly but then it blew up on Instagram to the point that people like Huda Beauty started showing interest in it. 

2.  Ombre Lips-this trend has been openly accepted everyone, some ombres can be drastric while other aew more subtle. I personally love to use this trend, it kind of gives your lips a more vibrant look. 

3. Balayage-this trend was possibly the most viral one, at one point in the summer I believe almost everyone I knew opted for this trend. Though I personally didn’t do it but I love the look of it!

4. Microblading-let’s face it no one has perfect eyebrows! This technique became the easiest solution for a lot of people instead of filling in their brows every single day.  Eyebrows have recently become every persons mission to perfect!

5. Eyelash extensions-this trend may have been used before 2017 but I feel it is now more commonly used than anything else. For people like me who have tiny lashes this is the best thing that may have happened! 

Hope you enjoyed this read Fleeky fam! Feel free to give me you comments and feedbacks! 

Be your OWN Boss!

Hello again Fleeky Family,

I decided to write a blog today about female Entrepreneurs. Though compared to a couple years ago there has been an increase in female entrepreneurs however that number is not nearly as close as male entrepreneurs. Female entrepeneurs have created some unprecedented businesses in recent times. Let’s take a look at Instagram for example, people like Dressyourface, Hudabeauty and Anastasiabeverlyhills have all become successful entrepeneurs. 

I’ve listed below some helpful tips for all of you looking to Be Your Own Boss

1. Start Somewhere-your business doesn’t have to be huge, you’ve got to start small, find something you’re passionate about and try practicing different things with it. Once you get the hang of it then try something bigger.

2. Reach out to your community-It is a good idea to start by speaking to their friends, family and community. Get their opinion and suggestions; look into community programs that can help you grow as an entrepreneur. 

3. Network-I cannot stress enough how important it is that you network, lookup events in your area and just attend them because you’ve got nothing to lose but A LOT to gain. You will meet people that may actually help your business. You can’t find those people if you sitting at home.

4. Collaborate-look at established entrepeneurs in your field and reach out to them, see if they would want to work with you or even let you work as their assistant for a bit just so you can understand the ins and outs of the business. 

5. Take a RISK! Sometimes you’ve got to take a risk, owning your own business is not easy but once you’re established then it’ll be worth every single second of harship you suffered! Being an entrepreneur or self employed may sound scary because you don’t have the safety cushion of your employer but once you take that leap and actually land safely it will be the best feeling in the world! 

I can go on for days! For now I hope you can take something from this post! If you have any tips or motivational stories, we would love to hear them and share with the Fleeky community!


Beauty Events in the GTA


It’s a new month and a new season, why not keep up-to-date with what’s new in the GTA. As you know there is always something to do in the GTA, here’s a list of some great beauty events for the month of October.

OCT. 2 RYERSON Fashion X TORONTO Women’s Fashion Week

The Ryerson Fashion presentation features a collective body of work by recent graduates of Ryerson University’s School of Fashion and is produced by current students.


OCT. 5 Sephora Accelerate Info Session Toronto

Sephora Accelerate is dedicated to building a community of innovative female founders in beauty. The program begins with a one week bootcamp where founders acquire the necessary skills to create a successful business. Together, they learn from beauty mentors and seasoned entrepreneurs, and prepare for a final demo day in the fall.


OCT. 13 Beauty & Shame Walk

When it comes to social change, does beauty matter?

What makes a social interaction beautiful or shameful? What’s the relationship between beauty, shame, and social outcomes for people living on the margins? Come with us for a stroll as we look at and discuss the intersection between form, functionality, and aesthetics. You’ll come away with a renewed understanding of how both beauty and shame are essential to think about in social service design.






OCT. 16 Startup Fashion Week: Opening Party #SFWToronto




This platform gives creatives in the Fashion, Art and Beauty industry an opportunity to network, promote and launch their existing or new products and services. Our platform is open to all fashion industry entrepreneurs & professionals such as: Models, Designers, Stylists, Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists, Bloggers, Photographers, Beauty Brands, Buyers, Casting Agency’s, Retailers, Media and all fashion lovers.


Oct. 23 L’Oreal COLOR CHANGE

Training for professionals who accept no compromise with respect to the quality of their color products. This module will help you position yourself as an expert in color change.

// Improve your color diagnosis for multiple-step haircolor services

// Analyze compatibility and exfoliating/cleansing cases

// Know the rules of pre-color

// Perform all color correction steps

// Recommend for home haircare regimen




Getting Booked!

Hello Fleeky Family,

Being a beauty professional can be extremely rewarding and lucrative, but it takes hard work and dedication to build your clientele and get booked!

In today’s blog were going to share a few tips and tools to help new and existing beauty professionals grow their clientele base.

1. Brand your Business

The beauty industry is highly competitive and it is essential that you brand your business and give yourself an identity. Chose colours, logos and taglines that align to your company goals and attracts the eye of your potential customers. Your brand should be consistent and present on your website and social media platforms. Remember, good branding stays in the mind of your customers even after they have left your website

2. Collaborate with other beauty professionals

Although the beauty industry is competitive, there are thousands of other beauty professionals that were once in your shoes and willing to help you grow. Reach out to more established beauty professionals to work with them at an event or special occasion. Whether its paid or volunteer work, the experience and network you build is priceless. 

3. Use Marketing Tools on social media platforms

Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram marketing tools. On Facebook you can use programs such as hootesuite to set specific times to post your content if have a hard time remembering or on the go. Unfortunately this tool isn’t available on Instagram, but the marketing tools that are available are a great way to build brand awareness and exposure to a wide range of people. Use different marketing content such as pictures, text and video and measure which method provides the best results for you!

4. Be YOU!

If you look at your clients as your friends, you are increasing the likelihood of that client coming back by 50%. Building a relationship with your clients is essential for customer retention and referrals. You should be personable, open and friendly to all clients and provide them with an experience that’ll last beyond the nail, hair or makeup application.

At Fleeky, we try to help beauty professionals overcome the struggle of getting booked, building  a brand and establishing themselves in the beauty industry! We hope these tips will help you achieve your personal business goals. If you have any personal tips we would love to hear them and share with the Fleeky community!

​A Day at IMATS…

Hey Guys! 

This is our ever first blog post and we thought why not share our day at IMATS Toronto. This was our first time attending the trade show and we decided to go on the Sunday rather than Saturday (Crazy busy day!). 

We got there around noon and starting walking around the different exhibitors.  The exhibitors were MAC PRO, Kat Von D Beauty, Make Up For Ever, Morphe, NYX, NARS and our new personal favorite Eve Pearl Beauty Brand. 

We were really excited for the Social Media Panel which consisted of:

  • Brian Champagne (@Brian_champagne) – Instagram Personality, PRO MUA, Educator and a social media Guru
  • Carrie Olver (@Carrieolvertsc) – Host of Hello Gorgeous on TSC, 
  • Eve Pearl (@evepearl) – 5 time Emmy winner, author and Creator of Eve Pearl Beauty Brand
  • Daniel Horvath (@Masterofeyes) – Model and Makeup Guru with over 10 years of sales and makeup experience. Currently on Hello  Gorgeous show on TSC
  • Paisley Mattes (@BeautybyPaisley) – Pro Makeup artist and Instagram Personality

The Panel was probably the highlight of our day as they provided tips and tricks to maintaining your social media accounts and creating maximum exposure. Social Media is one of the biggest drivers when it comes to the Beauty Industry. Instagram is one of the most influential marketing platforms, especially for Beauty freelancers who are looking to create a client base. We got to chance to speak with Eve and Carrie who were so genuine and kind to us. Eve went out of her way to make sure that we got a goodies box from her brand (can’t wait to try them out!!). 

Overall it was a great day and a great way to network with Professionals in the Makeup industry!  

Oh as who are “we” you ask?

We are two young Entrepreneurs looking to make our mark within the Health and Beauty Industry. 

Hope you enjoyed the read! 

Fleeky Inc.